Locks and Urudyk

"A clone without a war and a bounty hunter with a curse find themselves allied in the galaxy's outer reaches, stumbling upon a shared future under the Empire's shadow."

The Soldier

Born from the genetic legacy of Jango Fett, ARC-5513, nicknamed "Locks," was created for war, destined to serve the Galactic Republic. However, awakening from stasis into an era dominated by the Empire, Locks finds himself adrift in a galaxy that has moved on from him and the rest of the clone army. Struggling to redefine his purpose in a universe that no longer needs him, Locks crosses paths with Urudyk Sa'aza, a seasoned bounty hunter who, skeptically, takes a chance on him.

Despite his origins, Locks is more than his genetic coding. Trained for combat and possessing a selfless spirit, he proves to be a formidable partner on their bounty hunting missions. Locks seeks to forge a new identity beyond his purpose as a soldier, while grappling with the complexities of new loyalties, his grief, and the shifting sands of galactic politics.

The Cursed Hunter

Hailing from a colony of cultists on the fringes of the Inner Rim, Urudyk Sa'aza escaped home to become a skilled and deadly bounty hunter. Marked by asymmetrical markings covering his face, montrals and body, Urudyk carries with him an omen instilled by his father—a belief in a curse that brings misfortune to those around him. Despite this dark superstition, Urudyk has carved a path for himself in the underworld, working alongside an unsavory group mercenaries and earning a reputation for his silent ruthlessness.

Initially skeptical of the clone's abilities and origins, Urudyk reluctantly forms an alliance grounded in mutual respect and shared survival. Urudyk's story is one of unexpected overcoming personal demons and confronting the shadows of his past, finding unexpected redemption in the company of someone who challenges his worldview.

The Concept Art