Javier is a visual development and concept artist creating original stories, fan-merch and illustrations inspired by pop-culture.

But... What is "CYARECLONES?"

CYARECLONES (SHAH-ray-clones) is my merchandise and commission storefront. I host my shop both online and at in-person events and conventions across the country.

I started my shop in November 2022 to support the release of my first, self-made artbook, Out of Time. Out of Time is the labor of love dedicated to my original characters, Locks and Urudyk, who serve as the icons of my personal work online.

After thousands of books shipped, I decided to maintain the momentum and expand my shop with pop-culture fan-merch, prints, and more.


A Bit About Me!

Outside of my shop, I'm a full-time, first-year college student and freelancer who dabbles in illustration, prop and background design for mobile games. While I am currently persuing a major in Animation Storytelling and Concept Design, or Visual Development, I am also interested in studying Sequential Arts and 3D Tech for Animation.

My personal body of work is most often inspired by pop culture, science fiction, LGBTQ+ themes and the Western genre. After college, I'd love to do more visual development work on animated features or shows.


That's Not All, I Work Too!

My career spans diverse projects, including numerous charity
zines, video games, art books, and over 4 years of
freelance work experience, 3 years of which were
spent while in high-school.

Have a Work Inquiry? Email Me!