Meet the Artist

CYARECLONES (SHAH-ray-clones) is an 18-year old, US based, Latino artist creating original stories and artwork inspired by pop-culture.

I started my shop in November 2022 to support the release of my first, self-printed art book, "Out of Time". "Out of Time" is the labor of love dedicated to my original characters, Locks and Urudyk, who serve as the "icons" of my work. After the book, I decided to maintain my momentum and expand my shop with the pop-culture merch I personally wanted to have.

I run this shop entirely on my own. In addition to creating artwork, I also fulfill the roles of product designer, quality control, distributor, customer service, website developer and at times,'s personal coder (sob).

Outside of my shop, I'm a full-time, first-year college student and freelancer who dabbles in prop art and background design for mobile games. After college, I'd love to do more visual development work on animated features or shows.

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